Essay on One Hundred Years of Solitude

Topics: Novel, Nobel Prize, Latin America Pages: 4 (872 words) Published: May 1, 2005
Believed by many to be one of the world's greatest writers, Gabriel García Márquez is a Colombian-born author and journalist, winner of the 1982 Nobel Prize for Literature and a pioneer of the Latin American "Boom." Affectionately known as "Gabo" to millions of readers, he first won international fame with his masterpiece, One Hundred Years of Solitude, a defining classic of twentieth century literature. Whether writing short stories, epic novels, or nonfiction, Gabo is above all a brilliant storyteller, and his writing is a tribute to both the power of the imagination and the mysteries of the human heart. In Gabo's world, where flowers rain from the sky and dictators sell the very ocean, reality is subject to emotional truths as well as physical boundaries. It is a world of great beauty and great cruelty; a world where love brings both redemption and enslavement; and a world where the lines between objective reality and dreams are hopelessly blurred. It is a world very much like our own.

On Translation and García Márquez – A speech delivered by Edith Grossman at the 2003 PEN Tribute to García Márquez. Serenade – García Márquez tells the story of his parents' courtship and marriage in the New Yorker.

The Power of García Márquez – A New Yorker article from September 1999.

Shipwrecked – García Márquez' New York Times op-ed piece on Elián González.

Love in the Time of Cholera Film – July 22, 2004, The Guardian. Stone Village has acquired the film rights to film García Márquez's novel of long-delayed love. In the Shadow of the Patriarch – Nov. 2, 2003, New York Times Magazine. Francisco Goldman on García Márquez.

Solitude & Company – Summer 2003, Paris Review. Silvana Paternostro interviews Gabo's friends and relations.

Gabo Misquote – 22 May 03, BBC. García Márquez misquoted on Colombian drug situation.

Gabo Support of Cuba – 2 May 03, BBC. García Márquez signs letter defending Cuban government.

"Farewell letter" is a hoax – "La...

Bibliography: (Nobel Prize Lecture)
A copy of García Márquez 's Nobel Prize lecture, "The Solitude of Latin America," delivered on December 8, 1982.
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