Essay On Monotheistic Religions

Topics: Christianity, Judaism, Jesus Pages: 4 (824 words) Published: October 15, 2015

There are many unique religions of the ancient world, each with their own different origins. Although, because of the interactions of people through trade and other influences, many similarities between religions were brought up. Many of theses religions shared common traits and beliefs such as monotheism, religious ceremonies, and prophets. But, there were few religions that were set apart from other religious influences either geographically or mentally. Although monotheism was a popular belief, few people attempted to change into worship of a single god, but were rejected. Some may not have even involved gods, but simply relied on moral conduct or on an all powerful “spirit”. These, and other topics, will be described to show the similarities...

Although, there were few extremists who attempted to form monotheistic religions. But, the most renowned monotheistic religion is Christianity, which came from Judaism. Judaism formed through a covenant between Abraham and God, which set the Jews apart from the world and giving them an opportunity to thrive. Over the years, Judaism branched out into Christianity through Jesus, but still believed in only one God. Buddhism, on the other hand, was unique to other religions because it did not focus on a god, but on a person’s good deeds and nonvirtue. Buddhism formed through Siddhartha Gautama, a former prince, who set off on a journey to become the Buddha, “The Enlightened One.” As stated earlier, Hinduism was a polytheistic religion that involved numerous gods. Hinduism also focused on good deeds and nonviolence, such as Buddhists, through karma and dharma. Overall, Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism are all similar through the belief in nonvirtue and good deed, but Hinduism is polytheistic, but Christianity is not. And, Buddhism differs from them because it does not focus on any beings but a spiritual force, called...
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