Essay on Modifications of Science

Topics: Organ transplant, DNA, Genetically modified food Pages: 6 (1708 words) Published: November 11, 2008

Essay on Modifications of Science


Thesis Statement:
Developments in science over natural processes are a boon because they contribute to lifespan extension and also provide us with a wide range of benefits.

Developmental Paragraph Nº1: One advantage of science development is the organ transplant •It helps thousands of patients that have a particular organ failure. •It provides ill people with a new lease on life

Developmental Paragraph Nº2: Another advantage of the advances in science is Therapeutic Cloning. •It could provide mankind a solution to transplant rejection • It could provide mankind a solution to organ shortage.

Scientists believe that the cloning organ operation is safer than the conventional one. •
Developmental Paragraph Nº3: Reprogenetic is a huge advantage derived from science •It will allow infertile couples who cannot conceive to have their own children. •Women can also ask scientists to create their own children with certain characteristics. •It could also be possible to guarantee that they can clone a healthy baby who is free from the risks of genetic diseases.

Developmental Paragraph Nº4: Genetically modified food is another topic that cannot be left aside. •Genetically modified crops are resistant to pests
They also grow significantly faster than regular ones.
It have several benefits in hard agriculture conditions of Africa •It is useful for malnutrition problems.

There is no doubt that all these appealing topics mentioned above are truly beneficial to mankind because they mean a boon to our society in views of comfort and lifespan extension. They are directed to improve several aspects of people’s life, especially as regards health and nutrition of the world. On the other hand, they are also very polemic, as many controversial ideas are taken into account, such as the manipulation of human lives thanks to technology techniques, reasons why sometimes they are considered to be bane. But it is important to realize that if these scientific advances ever become a bane, is not the fault of science but our failing.


Can anyone imagine life in the Twenty First century without science? It’s impossible since it is deeply immersed in many aspects of our daily lives, providing us with a huge variety of discoveries, tools and means to greater comfort and benefits. As it is widely known, science is constantly evolutioning, making possible for mankind to obtain more than what Nature gives us, and this is accomplished through processes such as organ transplants, therapeutic cloning, reprogenetics and genetically modified food. But these developments in science often tend to be controversial because many times they are thought to be a bane rather than a boon. Nevertheless, through this essay we will see that these advances in science are definitely a boon since they not only contribute to lifespan extension but also provide us with a wide range of benefits.

One issue worth to consider is organ transplant. It consists on removing a whole usable organ or a part of it from a living or cadaveric donor, to give it to a person who needs it to replace a damaged organ. This revolutionary scientific breakthrough, first successfully achieved in the early 1950s, is enormously beneficial to thousands of patients that have a particular organ failing. Kidney failure, heart failure, lung disease and cirrhosis of the liver are all conditions that can be treated effectively by a transplant. This greatest achievement of modern surgery gives people who suffer from the illness that come from the previously stated organs a chance to live longer than expected. Besides providing ill people with a new lease on life, transplants replace long, uncomfortable and sometimes painful treatments. According to Leslie Davis, a dialysis social worker “with a transplant, there is a win - win situation”. She states that...

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