Essay On Minimum Wage In America

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The United States have been recognize as one of the strongest countries of the world for its persistence growing as a nation after the depression era the United States went through and how the nation could deal with it. Besides, The United States is known as practically the birthplace of opportunities, one of the main reasons why people in countries that are close to the United States decide to immigrate there is by the constant search for opportunities (jobs, education, a better way of living) that are promised; at the same time generates different problems ranging from unemployment to low salaries because of the available workforce. The work opportunities in the U.S. are infinite and immense but we’re gradually making life too hard to be living. According to Steven Rattner article “Americans between 18 and 34 are earning less today than the same age group did in the past.” This has being an issue that many Americans address as it affect us in our living situations such as education, work, and taxes; regarding the budget and their way of living.
The minimum wage in the United States is $7.25 an hour, depending on the state, this relates on how each state differ with their income. However, the minimum wage doesn’t influence a big number of Americans; According to Sherk’s article...
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