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Topics: Requirements analysis, Software requirements, Microsoft Pages: 13 (1941 words) Published: June 16, 2010
Software Requirements Specification
1. Introduction. 2
1.1. Purpose. 2
1.2. Document Conventions. 3
1.3. Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions. 3
2.  Overall Description. 4
2.1 Product Perspective. 4
2.2 Product Features. 5
2.3 User Classes and Characteristics. 6
2.4 Operating Environment. 6
2.5 Design and Implementation Constraints. 6
2.6 User Documentation. 6
2.7 Assumptions and Dependencies. 7
3. System Features. 8
3.1. Database – Storage. 8
3.2. Functional Requirements. 8
3.2.1 Interface Requirements. 8 User Interfaces. 9
4. Non Functional Requirements. 10
4.1. User Interfaces. 10
4.2. Hardware Interfaces. 10
4.3. Software Interfaces. 11
4.4. Communications Interfaces. 11
5. Other Nonfunctional Requirements. 11
5.1. Performance Requirements. 11
5.2. Safety Requirements. 11
5.3. Security Requirements. 12
5.4. Software Quality Attributes. 12
5.5 Hardware Constraints. 12
5.6 Software Constraints. 12
5.7 Design Constraints. 12

1. Introduction
1.1. Purpose
The main objective of this document is to illustrate the requirements of the project Library Management system. The document gives the detailed description of the both functional and non functional requirements proposed by the client. The document is developed after a number of consultations with the client and considering the complete requirement specifications of the given Project. The final product of the team will be meeting the requirements of this document. 1.2. Document Conventions

            The following are the list of conventions and acronyms used in this document and the project as well: Administrator: A login id representing a user with user administration privileges to the software             User: A general login id assigned to most users             Client: Intended users for the software             SQL: Structured Query Language; used to retrieve information from a   database             SQL Server: A server used to store data in an organized format             ASP: Active Server Pages: A Web Page formatted on the server and delivered to the browser.             Layer: Represents a section of the project             User Interface Layer: The section of the assignment referring to what the user interacts with directly.             Application Logic Layer: The section of the assignment referring to the Web Server. This is where all computations are completed.             Data Storage Layer: The section of the assignment referring to where all data is recorded             Data flow diagram:It shows the dataflow between  the entities.             Use Case: A broad level diagram of the project showing a basic overview             Boolean: A true/false notation

            Interface: Something used to communicate across different mediums             Unique Key: Used to differentiate entries in a database  
1.3. Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions
The intended audiences for this document are:
      The team members of Innovative library Solutions.       The administrative staff of University of Ballarat at IIBIT who is the client.       The Project Supervisor Mr.Pramesh Khadka and Project Coordinator Mr.Hari Gande. This document will be reviewed frequently by the above audiences to check if the different phases of the project are being completed by meeting the given requirements.  If there are any changes in the requirements in the course of the project they                    must be included in this document by making the necessary changes.  

2.  Overall Description
  2.1 Product Perspective
The proposed Library Management System which is being developed by Innovative Library Management Solutions team is an on-line Library Management System. This...
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