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Topics: United Kingdom, Somalia, Cooking Pages: 4 (1088 words) Published: January 30, 2012
compare and contrast
During this project i will be comparing and contrasting the united kingdom (england,wales,scotland and northern ireland) to Somalia.I will include ; Location
Health care
Other issues

The united kingdom is located to the left of europe
its capital is london which is home to many famous monuments like nelsons column.It has a population of 7,825,200.Its area is 607 square miles. London's co-ordinates are 51°30'26"N and 0°07'39"W.If tourists come to England they will most likely visit if not stay in london .It attracts millions of people because they want to eat in the restaurants(according to VisitBritain). 

Somalia is located in the eastern most part of africa just above the equator making it always very hot and dry.Its capital is Mogadishu,which is located in the coastal region of benadir and has been a important port for many years .The population is 9,330,872. Mogadishu

These pictures show to side to somalia the tourist attractions like hotels and then the fighting which drives most tourists away the fighting will be involved in the other issues section later on.It is linked by roads to Kenya and has little industry accept for food and beverage processing and cotton ginning.its main attractions are the mosque of Fakr ad-Din and Garesa palace.The language spoke is normally somali but some also speak arabic.

England's capital brings a lot of money into the economy due to the amount of tourism but in somalia this isn't the case at all, because tourists are scared of the piracy going in somalia therefore less money is going into the economy making it virtually impossible for it to become a MEDC,also because there is a lot of industry in London there are alot of jobs so more people can make money.

Location end

in the united kingdom food is cooked using a cooker or a microwave which is a lot more efficient then cooking it...
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