Essay on Little Kids at the Skatepark

Topics: English-language films, Freezing, Cryobiology Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: April 24, 2012
Letting little children play at the skate park is immoral because it causes a greater balance of unhappiness over happiness for all those affected. Particularly, letting little children play at the skate park is immoral because it allows little children to get hurt and it exposes them to unneeded things.

No one wants to see a little child get hurt, and it is even worse to see it happen. Little children don’t know what they are supposed to do when they see a person coming at them, so they freeze in fear. The skateboarder/roller-blader/biker aren’t able to stop their forward motion, thus resulting in a collision. It is nobody’s fault but the parent’s for letting their young ones go play at the skate park. Of course the kid is happy playing at the park, until he is crying and in pain. No child should undergo this suffering and trauma.

One day, a dad and his little boy were out there riding their skateboards together. Everything was alright until the kid decided to ride in the bowl. [A pool like hole in the ground where people can ride their skateboard, bike, roller-blades.] Well, the little boy did not notice a guy already riding his bike in the pool. As soon as the biker saw the kid, it was too late, the biker couldn’t stop his momentum and the kid froze in fear. One of the biker’s pegs cut the boy behind his ear. The only thing the dad had to say was, “I’m going to wait a little while before we leave because my ass is grass when I get home.(He was referring to the boy’s mother being at his house.)”

When somebody gets his/her thumb smashed in the door, “ouch!” isn’t usually the only words that come out of his/her mouth. The skate park is a place where people naturally go through pain worse than getting their thumb smashed in the door. Children are like parrots, they repeat whatever they hear. Surely, no mother would like to hear her little son swear under any circumstance. If the kid repeats what he heard and his mother heard him, the mother...
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