Essay on Land Development

Topics: Affect, 2002 albums, Economics Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: March 8, 2013
*Argumentative Essay
“Is that a Development?”

Beautiful sceneries, green grasses, tall trees, Blue Ocean and a healthy land. That’s what I imagine when they said the past life. But now, where are those? I can’t barely feel and see it. It’s a modern world now. It’s a modern world where the beautiful sceneries are the tall buildings; the green scenery is because of the artificial plants and a dusty air that causes diseases. That’s what they call Land Development. It’s a development not for the better but for the worst. It really affects our everyday living. No fresh air, no refreshing lands and even clean water. It’s always an artificial. Is that what you want? It’s a life where it is near to chaos and disaster. We should change it into a better one! Let’s make it a modern world near to the past life, the past life that has clean and beautiful sceneries, sceneries that is made by the nature and not by man. We can do something to make a change. Let’s cooperate and be mindful enough on our actions through nature. Let’s try not to violate rules that affect our nature. Land development should be in a positive way. It shouldn’t be a change that will lead into a disaster. Land development that every one of us will have a good a benefit. Also, it will lead us to raise our economy. Land development isn’t made to ruin the beauty of the nature. Remember that nature is a gift from God, we should learn and always take care and give respect to it. Our surroundings today really differ. It’s like every time it was changing. It is change into a different one, a different one that I don’t know if it causes a good effect or a bad effect on the people like us.
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