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Career: a field or pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement especially in public, professional, or business life. Job: A paid position of regular employment
Occupation: A job or profession, a way of spending time
There are six domains in the content model starting with” worker characteristics” which talks about the abilities, enduring attributes of the individual that influence performance, also the occupational interest, the preference of work environments and also work values and work styles what is more important to you at work and how exactly you enjoy and feel more comfortable doing your job. “Worker requirements” which involves basic skill and cross-functional skill, basic skills are skill you already should know, and cross- functional are skills you tend to learn from moving from job to job. Knowledge and education are also needed in worker requirements knowledge is what you know of the job and education is any prior knowledge you already had coming in. “Experience requirements” involves experience and training, licensing and basic and cross- functional skills, which is everything needed for you to get started on the right track with your job, basic and functional skills to help you in your everyday life and also in your work environment, also licensing and training are requirements because jobs need to know that you are legit and know what you are doing. “Occupation specific information” also involves tools to help with your job and also technology as in machinery equipment, things to make your job a less of a hassle. “Workforce characteristics”, variables that define and describe the general characteristics of occupations that may influence occupational requirements. “Occupational requirements” a comprehensive set of variables or detailed elements that describe what various occupations require. There are many careers in career cluster but there is one that really interests me which is teaching the reason for this is...
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