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Jay Gatsby, otherwise known as James Gatz, (Fitzgerald 9899) is the definition of larger than life. He is the type of person that has a cool, calm, and collective personality that everyone wants to be around. Gatsby has an elegance about him that everyone craves to have. He has his own swagger, and more money than anyone could ask for. It seemed as if it was impossible for
Jay to die, but he did. George Wilson shot him. Even though Gatsby died from Wilson’s bullet
(Fitzgerald 161162), he created the cause for his own death.
Jay Gatsby met a woman named Daisy while he was in the service. They met in
Louisville before Jay was eventually stationed overseas. A connection was built instantaneously, but the war strained that connection. Daisy was
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Daisy let Jay go with ease and fell in love with another man because of his money. That man was Tom Buchanan. Tom was a star football player who eventually took his talents to the game of polo. Jay could not let Daisy go even though he know that she was with another man. Gatsby made it his mission to get Daisy back as soon as he returned from the war (Fitzgerald 6180).
In order to get Daisy back, Jay knew that he would need to have a lot of money to compete with Tom. The universe clicked for Gatsby as he returned from the war. He inherited a large sum of money and ran an illegal over the counter alcohol business in the drugstores he established (Fitzgerald 6196).
As the money piled up for Jay and he moved East to New York in pursuit of Daisy. Daisy
Moved to New York with Tom after they got married. After some time in New York, Jay Gatsby met Nick Carraway. The two became great friends even though they were total opposites of each other. Nick was a very honest person and Gatsby was far from honest at times. It later eluded in a conversation between Jay and Nick that Nick knew Tom from high school football (Fitzgerald
When Gatsby learned of their relationship, his love fantasy began to heat up.

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