Essay On Japanese Concentration Camps

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Izzy Cordia
4th hour
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When World War II began there were 9 million people in concentration camps, when the war ended there were 3 million people. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor President Ford put the japanese americans and the immigrants into internment camps because they looked like the enemy, the Japanese were not able to fight in the Military because they looked like the enemy. When Hitler became Chancellor he chose to put the Jews in concentration camps because he thought they looked like the enemy, Hitler made sure that everyone hated the Jews. Japanese internment camps were not the same as Jewish concentration camps because the concentration camps were more harsh, the Japanese were given a life style, and the concentration camps were used for more than one purpose.
The Concentration camps were more harsh because the Jews were treated as a thing. For example they were tattooed with numbers like 1798. The Nazi’s used this to keep track of the Jews in the camps. In Anne Frank’s extract she said “Father Has received a call… I was stunned.” (Exert July 8th 1942) Even when Anne Frank’s family got a call from someone everyone
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Both internment camps and concentration camps were guarded with barbed wire fences and soldiers with guns. The Japanese and the Jews in the camps were guarded with the same thing. The Japanese and the Jews were both forced out of there homes. In the movie with George Takei he stated “ I was very scared when the soldiers came in and ordered us out of our home,” the Nazi’s ransacted anyones home to find Jews. The Jews and the Japanese were forced to shower with other naked people. These means that they did not get the privacy that they used to had, or all the hot water they wanted, they had to bath with lots of other people. The internment camps and the concentration camps were kinda alike in the same

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