Essay On Hearing Loss

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HA hearing loss is sometimes is sometimes called deafness, and it . Hearing loss may be partial or total. Hearing loss may be temporary or permanent, depending on the cause. Medical care is necessary to treat hearing loss properly and prevent the condition from getting worse..

Hearing loss may be caused byCommon causes of hearing loss include:
• • Excessive wWax in the ear canal.
• • Infection of the ear canal or middle ear.
• • Infection of the middle ear. Fluid in the middle ear.

• • Trauma to the ear or surrounding area.
• • Fluid in the middle ear. An object stuck in the ear.
• Prolonged exposure to loud sounds, such as music.
• A hole in the eardrum (perforated eardrum).
• Exposure to loud sounds or music.Less...

The audiometry test needs towill be performed by a hearing specialist (audiologist). You may also be referred to an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialist.

Treatment for recent onset of hearing loss may include:
• • Ear wax removal.
• • Medicinesations that kill germsto prevent infection (antibiotics).
• • Medicines to reduce inflammation (cCortisone mecosteroids)dications.

• Prompt follow up with the appropriate specialist.
Return of hearing depends on the cause of your hearing loss, so proper medical follow-up is important. It is more likely that hearing will partially or completely return if you are treated by a health care provider. However, recovery of hearing depends on the cause and extent of your hearing loss. In some cases, hearing loss can be permanent.Some hearing loss may not be reversible, and a caregiver should discuss care and treatment options with you.

• If you were prescribed an antibiotic medicine, take it as told by your health care provider. Do not stop taking the antibiotic even if you start to feel better.
• Avoid loud...
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