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Topics: Homosexuality, University, LGBT Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: December 10, 2013
“The whole place was packed full of people” Tanner Michels’, a Senior Biola student, explained, “There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.” NakID Ministries, a support group formed by Biola student Atticus Shires, was put in place to “empower students and adults in education and understanding in order to love better those who identify as LGBTQ…” NakID hosts events that encourage discussion on human sexuality and intimacy. They place an emphasis on meeting people where they are at in their walk with Christ, and encourage Biola to talk about tough questions like homosexuality, sex, and body image. The debate on whether or not gay students can identify as homosexuals at private Christian colleges is raging across the nation. Publications from Rolling Stone, The OC Register, and The New York Times, illustrate the crisis gay students are facing at Christian universities. It is then plain to see that this issue deserves the utmost attention from university attendees. Understandably, many students who identify themselves as homosexuals are not all in the same condition. Some students are angry, isolated, or hiding their emotions because of their fear of being targeted, made fun of, or cast out of their university’s society. Still, other students have gone public with their identity, refusing to be afraid of their peers and the university’s administration. Yet another group of students exist, who chose to attend an evangelical Christian university because of its conservative view on sexuality. There have been several reactions to the plethora of emotions that students exhibit; not just those who attend Christian universities, but also students at public colleges around the nation. Bree LaBare, a student at Orange Coast College, a secular community college in Costa Mesa, said many students who are homosexual find solace at their Gay-Straight Alliance club on campus. Following the actions of gay students at public schools, many support groups have been formed on Christian...
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