Essay on Gentlemen

Topics: Human, Thought, Cognition Pages: 1 (385 words) Published: August 26, 2010
They say a gentleman is hard to find. They wonder if there is such a thing as a gentleman these days. They say those gentlemen they once knew have perished over the time. Well, I don’t really think so. In fact, I really disagree with them. In this present time, this very moment, still, thousands of them are around the world, those “gentlemen”. They live among those who are opposite to them. They contrast in so many things. Yet, there are aspects that are common to them. I think that’s the reason why they say those gentlemen became extinct, rare. It’s because they can’t tell whose the gentleman or not. Those gentlemen of our time has managed to adapt some of the characteristics of others and blend in. maybe they had adapted to those values but still, they know inside them lives a gentleman. With these, let me define a gentleman in my deepest and broadest understanding of the word “gentleman”. A gentleman thinks of others before himself, making him unselfish. Unselfish in many ways he knows. Being unselfish, he puts others first in consideration. He is unbiased, in thoughts and in actions. He never favors anyone who doesn’t deserve it. He thinks of consequences first before he lays his decisions. He respects others even if they can’t do it the other way around. Whatever they think about him, he never cares, because to him he respects them. He tries to understand them others in his broadest knowledge. Understanding them, everything. He is humble at all times and avoids getting himself in any fight with others, in thoughts and actions. For him, fighting will never cause you anything but trouble, so is bad thoughts about others. Even though it’s inside your head, still, you hurt them. They just do not know. Others may think that a gentleman could be rephrased as, “the perfect man”. There’s no such thing as perfect. That’s what makes us human. Gentlemen are not perfect human beings. They just live their lives in the simplest ways they know without hurting others but...
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