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I wasn’t overly impressed when I first met him in an Arabic restaurant in Itaewon, Korea. I didn’t notice his casual good looks. I didn’t pause to gaze down upon his broad shoulders nor his perfectly shaped body. I hardly notice the hazel colour of his eyes. What I saw was a sincere smile. A very captivating smile I remember thinking. Who could have known that smile was what made me start paying attention. His mother and mine instantly became friends after a short conversation they had over the lunch. Throughout the trip, the four of us were always together. Qawiem and I would go to the coffee house at night after sending off our mothers to hotel. We talked and shared stories about our life and ourselves. We even played snow fight outside. Those were the memories I shall never forget.

Coming back to Malaysia, our distance didn’t grow us apart. Instead, our friendship became stronger. Talking, mostly on random and unnecessary stuff, every night through Skype became a routine. There were times when both or one of us were too busy juggling with studies but no matter how busy we were, we talked. For me, it felt like as if the talking was an escape from all the mess. Once in a month he would drive all the way from Ipoh, where he’s studying at that time, to Kuala Lumpur where I lived so that we can meet up and spend time together. Distance is nothing when you know what you’re going after is worth the time and the energy spent.

He was always there for my ups and downs, ensuring me to move forward, and mutually, I was there for him. During my downs, I cried almost every night when skyping with him. He stares, listens but never judge me. He would just sat there listening to me babbling about my problems. He never fail to bring me back up after that by telling me jokes and at times, Mama Ros will join our conversation and lighten up the mood in her own way. It’s wonderful how I felt as if a big burden was taken off my shoulders every time we talked.

Although now...
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