Essay on Frankenstein and Blade Runner

Topics: Frankenstein, Prometheus, Romanticism Pages: 4 (1477 words) Published: November 19, 2013
“A deeper understanding of disruption and identity emerges from considering the parallels between Frankenstein and Blade Runner” Although both texts are over 200 years apart, with both remaining classics, they both timely create parallels that focus on disruption and how this cause of disruption effects an individual’s identity. While both texts are a product of their time what makes them significant is that both Shelley and Scott explore what seemed possible during their times that still seem to resonate today. Through both Shelley and Scott’s contextual views both have managed to co-inside with each other when it comes to gaining a deeper understanding of disruption and how ultimately this affects ones identity. Through characterization, symbolism, motifs, filming and language techniques and context both texts have paralleled with each other to help the responder to gain a deeper understanding of disruption and how this in turn affects ones identity. Initially, both of these texts represent characters similarly the same, this is due to contextually the values of the time. Science and technology within Shelley’s context was beginning, and many people were interested in what was to come due to it. Much like Scott’s context however, contextually within the 1980’s there was a fear of domination of technology due to science. Scott focuses on critically viewing society, whereabouts Shelley focuses more on how science and technology disrupts the individual. Victor Frankenstein is an example of this, due to his passion toward science and technology it ultimately disrupts his own life, causing disruption within his life through his family and ultimately affecting his identity. “Consumed by a burning passion” Victor’s passion toward his love for science and technology begins to disrupt his identity, this is shown through his failure to take responsibility for his own action, ushering in destruction as a consequence of personal inadequacy. Due to thinking he could...
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