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Topics: Frank Cottrell Boyce, Mona Lisa, Millions Pages: 1 (460 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Frank Cottrell Boyce is a world famous author. His books are a joy to millions who read them. The novel ‘Framed’ was praised by many. ‘Framed’ is really ‘A Wonderful book’. Its funny, heart-warming and a delight to read. ‘Framed’ is an outstanding novel with great twist and amusing characters. The town full of eccentric characters.They are inspired by the masterpieces they see.It creates great changes in themselves and in Manod. The characters are on of the things that make this a truly wonderful novel.There is Dylan who always looks on the bright side of things. He is very curious and inquisitive and as high hope of achievements.Then there is Minnie who is a about 8-9 years old but she has the wildest dream of becoming a master criminal. Many others characters come in who are very amusing. They are Nice Tom, Lester, Marie, Dad, Mam and Max and the best. Its a story of a sleepy little town is Wales called Manod where nothing seems to happen. The family runs the Manod gas station and there are shops everywhere in the town. There is the most beautiful sight the Manod Mountain where important paintings are stored.This where is where mine is. The National Gallery in London decides to store the painting in this abandoned mine. Let me tell you about some of the humorous things in the novel. There is the family itself who are involved in art theft. Minnie admires Vincento Perugia who stole the Mona Lisa. She was thrilled when crime finally came to town and there was once when she suggested to burn down the garage down to just claim insurance. Dylan, he has best buddies which are 2 chickens Michelangelo and Donatello.Dylan once wanted to sim but refused to get into the sea because it was too cold. To laugh out loud can you imagine what did, he poured hot water into the sea so Dylan could swim. The book gives fascinating facts which are beneficial and useful. Using the facts given you can understand more about each character for example Lester gives Dylan lectures about...
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