Essay on Elliott Erwitt

Topics: Photography, Plumbing, Comedy, Perception, Human condition / Pages: 4 (891 words) / Published: Apr 11th, 2012
Essay on Elliott Erwitt

Elliott Erwitt is a street photographer born in Paris from Russian immigrant parents (Erwitt, 2011). This essay will not focus on his biography but rather put emphasis on his work. Elliott Erwitt is known for his spontaneity when taking snapshot and passion for the human condition (Magnum Photos, 2011). He also has a very sharp sense of humor that is without a doubt reflected on his work. Elliott Erwitt has also a particular affinity for dogs and kids (Erwitt, 2011). It is said that the challenge is to be able to recognize the work of a particular photographer based on specific characteristics distinctive to him (Magnum Photos, 2011). As a matter of fact, Elliott Erwitt’s snapshots all have distinguishing similarities which encompasses humanity, humor, spontaneity and dogs. The following part of this essay will introduce three pictures of Elliott Erwitt that I enjoy the most.
Picture one

This picture really raised my interest as it goes beyond just demonstrating the social injustice between black and white people. Of course, it is noticeable that the white sink is wider, better maintained and more modern; yet, what I believe is outstanding in that picture is the water pipe connecting these two sinks together. It is arguable that Elliott Erwitt made an attempt to illustrate with his picture that we are all connected to the same “pipe” regardless of what our race is. Indeed, it is understandable that the water is drawn from the same source and then just distributed to different pipe. In a way this illustrates the fact that we are from the same “source” and that drinking water from different sinks (different water pipe) does not make us different as we are from the same “source”. I feel the photo also says that as human you cannot change your origins, so it is better to accept them and to stop segregating as by doing so it is in a way discriminating itself as we all come from the same “source”. The photographer human sensitivity and

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