Essay on Edwin Chadwick

Topics: Poor Law, Poverty, Poor Law Amendment Act 1834 Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: April 2, 2011
Running head: Unit Nine (9) Project on Edwin Chadwick

Tracey Revely Kaplan University

PU 120-05 AU

Professor Kimberly Brodie

Unit Nine (9) Project

Essay on Edwin Chadwick

April 2nd, 2011

Edwin Chadwick was a man that made a huge different in our world a long time ago. Mr. Edwin Chadwick was born January 24th, 1800 and passed away July 16th, 1890. He lived a very long life and it was all due to the changes in the world that he made that prolonged his life as well as our lives today. I know everyone is asking the same question, “What did a man that died about 120 years ago do that helps prolong my life today?” I will tell you and explain how we still live by Mr. Edwin Chadwick’s changes and use his invents to this day. Mr. Chadwick was born in Manchester, England; but was raised by both his parents in London. Mr. Chadwick was an attorney. Edwin Chadwick received his earliest education in Longsight and Stockport. In 1810, his parent decided to more to London where then begun to receive education by private tutors. Mr. Edwin Chadwick was an attorney that was all about making changes in the reforming of the poor laws and making sanitary conditions better so it could improve the public health. Mr. Edwin Chadwick believed that his inventions would not only improve the health of people, but it would also save money. In 1834, Edwin Chadwick was given a job as the secretary of the Poor Law Commissioners. Mr. Chadwick’s sanitary ideas made the government fierce and sustain criticism. Mr. Chadwick paid out of his own expense for researches and publishing papers about the unsafe sanitary conditions. Mr. Edwin Chadwick had a lot of problems with his superiors and there was a lot of disagreement that lead to the dissolution in 1847 of The Poor Law Commission. At the same time that Edwin Chadwick was...
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