Essay On Challenges In Human Services

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This paper will include a research topic and the relevance of the topic to my professional career goals in the human services field. The significance of the research problem will be discussed, why it is worth studying, and what can be gained from the research. Lastly, what is already know about the research topic and problem will be addressed. The research topic will focus on the numerous challenges that are present working in the human services field. One of the challenges is setting appropriate boundaries with clients and knowing how much personal stories can be shared. Another challenge is working with clients who will have vastly different lifestyles including education, economics, culture, values, and religion. Additionally, clients may have slow progress which can create long periods of time before any benefits of helping a client are recognized (Human Services Career Network, 2005).
Furthermore, responsibilities of human service
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I chose to focus on challenges in human services because they will be important to consider as I search job openings and try to find the right position. Also, I must continue to remember that self-care is important because if I do not care for myself, I will not be as successful helping others. The field of human services has numerous challenge which is significant to understand for anyone getting into this field. When a person is better prepared for job related challenges, there will be a higher success at overcoming obstacles. The challenges are worth studying because having the appropriate knowledge can increase success. Researching the challenges in human services can gain realistic expectations and decrease overwhelming circumstances. Having a good understanding of the challenges in the field and knowing where to go for support is imperative to having a long and healthy

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