Essay on Catherine Mansfield´S "Miss Brill"

Topics: Fiction, Character, Short story Pages: 3 (1174 words) Published: June 26, 2007
Essay on the main techniques of characterization in the short story: „Miss Brill" by Katherine Mansfield

The main character in the short story of Katherine Mansfield, Miss Brill, is a person, who lives in a kind of „dream world". She has another impression of herself than other people have of her. Moreover, she is a lonely character, but does not realize that. She even judges other people for being funny, old or weird, but in fact it is she herself who has got a strange personality with funny and sometimes awkward habits. In the end she is torn out of her dream world and has to face reality. The techniques the author employs to characterize her main character are mostly implicit techniques. They do not rely on direct statements of character by either the narrator or by other characters. Instead Miss Brill is characterized through her own actions, thoughts and symbols. These techniques we will be discussing in the following work:

One technique of characterizing Miss Brill in the story is through her actions. Everything Miss Brill does, she keeps repeating it. Every Sunday she puts on her fur, goes to the park, listens to the band, watches the people, goes to the bakery and buys a piece of honey- cake. This habitual behavior already tells us a lot about the character of Miss Brill. The reason why she clings to these fixed structures might lie in the fact that these habits give her security and meaning for her life. She knows exactly what she is going to do and also what is going to happen in most cases when she is going to the park. Through these activities she can be confident in her actions and furthermore most of the things that happen around her are predictable on each Sunday. One significant moment in the story which can describe this situation is when Miss Brill arrives at the park and the band plays how she expects it to play: " She was sure it would be repeated. It was; she lifted her head and smiled." (Page 1) Another thing we learn about Miss...
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