Essay On Banning Hate Speech

Topics: United States Constitution, First Amendment to the United States Constitution, United States Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: December 10, 2015

Final Exam qt. 2

Should hate speech be banned by the government?

For banning hate speech-
The main argument for banning hate speech is that hate speech leads to violence, often against certain groups of people.

Against hate speech-
The first argument against banning hate speech is that doing so will infringe upon our first ammendment right. The other, is that allowing the government to limit speech, it opens the door to abuse.

I believe that there should be something done about hate speech, but banning it is not the answer. We were provided the first amendment for a reason. After years of oppression under the british crown, our founding fathers knew that there should never be limits on what can be communicated. Allowing a government to stop hate speech opened room for abuse. Any...

The problem is that there is almost nothing you can do about it. any type of limiting of speech that leads to violence can be extremely harmful. Think about the American Revolution, the committees of correspondence, their speech would lead to tens of thousands injured, but would also lead to where we are today. Look at the Ole Miss riot of ‘62 hundreds were killed and injured, but was a key milestone for racial equality in higher education. NWA chart topping single “Fuck Tha Police” would definitely be considered hate speech as it expressly approves violence against police officers. But, their song also started the discussion about police brutality, and racial profiling. As Karl Marx said; “there is no real change without bloodshed and violence”. I don't agree with this violence, and don’t encourage it, but i understand that without these violent acts, none of this would have been possible. Speech that ultimately leads to violence can sometimes be the greatest speech ever spoke. I don’t support hate speech, but limiting any speech is detrimental to change, and the American ideals we all hold so...
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