Essay On Antikythera Mechanism

Topics: RMS Titanic, White Star Line, Petroleum, Natural gas, Belfast / Pages: 2 (400 words) / Published: Aug 31st, 2015
Antikythera Mechanism is a piece of history that most people don’t know exists. It is a very complex device that was used on a cargo ship. This artifact was in the wreckage of a cargo ship nearly 2,000 years ago. The Antikythera Mechanism was a device used very frequently on the cargo ship long ago. It was very useful to the men on the ship because it helped them know what time of the year it is or where they were. Antikythera Mechanism works in a few different ways. This device is very thin and is made completely out of bronze. When it was still on the cargo ship it was mounted on a wall in a wooden frame. On the device there is about 2,000 letters and other characters carved into the device. When the device was found, scientists and researchers took n x-ray of the device and found that inside of it there is 30 gears that make it work. The scientists and researchers also have been able to clean up the device and figure out what 95% …show more content…
It was found when a group of sponge divers went diving one day off the isle of Antikythera. When the divers were in the water they found many other artifacts from the cargo wreckage such as marble statues, pottery, jewelry, and coins. The Antikythera Mechanism was the most important and valuable artifact that was found during that discovery.
The Antikythera Mechanism was believed to have been built in 86 B.C. but was then lost in 76 B.C. The mechanism was on a roman ship but the device was built in Greece. Another theory that researchers have come up with is that the reason why the ship was roman is because the device was in the soils of the war garnered and by then Roman emperor Julius Cesar. The Antikythera Mechanism is being housed in the Greek National Archeological in the Athens. The device is the most complicated device to ever exist but it was very useful to the men on the cargo ship. It helped determine many important things such as the movements of the planets and

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