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Essay on Anti-Smoking Ad

By Alondra_Mendoza09050 Nov 21, 2013 948 Words
Alondra Mendoza
Professor Pilarski
ENC 1101
15 October 2013
Nowadays smoking is everywhere, and spreading rather fast. Especially teenagers under that age of eighteen. It’s rather sad that more and more teen’s everyday smokes their first cigarette, or became accustomed to smoking daily. But beside the number of smoker’s increasing daily, so has anti-smoking advertisements. You now see them everywhere, and they have become more gruesome over the past years to really show you what it does to your body.

For my essay I decided to write about a commercial; an anti-smoking commercial to be exact. There are a lot of good ads, and commercials I found that were quite interesting, but the commercial that stood out the most was part of the “Tips from Former Smokers” campaign. This campaign has a lot of commercials that shows how a former smoker is living now a day. They are living with a defibrillator, and nasty side effects from smoking. I’ll describe a more visual image of the commercial I chose; one of the individuals commercial was Terrie, It starts of with a picture of a beautiful young lady, in the background you hear Terrie introducing herself she says, “ I’m Terrie and I use to be a smoker”. The scene then changes to Terrie at age 51, she have been ripped of all her beauty, she is bald and covering a hole in her throat. She then proceeds by saying “ She wants to give you tips about getting in the morning”. Terrie then puts on teeth, then a wig, then her hands free device that covers the hole in her throat, after that she puts on a scarf to cover up and says, “Now you are ready for the day” as the commercial comes to an end. Terrie smoked most of her life she started when she was 13, and by the age of 17 she was smoking daily. By the time she was forty she was diagnosed with oral cancer, later that same year she was diagnosed with throat cancer. I found this very mind blowing, because you saw what was a beautiful young lady become appalling. It gives smoker a view of the future that is installed for them if the continues on the path of smoking. Or even worse they die. Because mostly all smoking does is that it kills you very slowly. I feel like when an individual watches the commercial, they just think about why they are smoking, how they should stop before it’s too late.

I loved this ad in particular because; it made you think of how smoking just causes a slow death, almost like suicide. All that tobacco usage leads to diseases, “Smoking causes cancer, heart disease, and lung disease”(CDC). If that wasn’t already scare, for every five deaths in the United States smoking causes one. When you see in that perspective, they might want to think about smoking another cigarette. But if you try and fail to quit it’s fine, because more than half the people who try to quit their first time fail. And over seventy percent of individuals who are smoking now want to quit. That’s a great benefit for quitting smoking as well, “Quitting smoking before the age of 40 reduces the risk of dying from smoking-related disease by about 90%”( CDC). Can you believe that by 90%, that is quite a lot? But if they do continue smoking, that is really up to them but they better know that if you continue smoking or just beginning to smoke you shorten you’re life by ten years.

The good news was that the commercial, which is part of the “Tips from Former Smokers” campaign. Was a really huge success the campaign, “encouraged at least 100,000 smokers to quit successfully -- twice the number CDC officials had expected” (CNN). They best way to show them why they have to stop smoking, is to show they how they are going to be. Yes they are gruesome, but it gets the job done. More and more of this type of commercial are being put out, and with very great success they are convincing a lot of individuals to quit smoking. A mother who watched with her son said she stopped smoking right after watching this, she stated about the commercial “I noticed after she had stopped speaking and saying her part, you could see a vulnerability and a little bit of disappointment and regret in her eyes that I could definitely agree with," (qtd in CNN). I myself am against smoking, I grew up with a family who never drank or smoke, so I grew accustom to that and never tried myself to smoke or drink. I grew up disliking smoker, because I grew up in and environment with non-smokers. I would ask people why they do it; if they plan to stop, also go on explain why it’s bad for you. That’s why I have always liked the anti-smoking ads. Also I like that over the past years, anti-smoking ads have been progressing the amount they put out. They have even started putting ads about second hand smoking. I assume when smokers see the ads; they can stop and think of where smoking is getting them, and stop before it’s to late.

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