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Vivian Tran
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March 3, 2014.

Elements of Poetry Affect the Theme in “Poem of Hatred”
The poem “Poem of Hatred,” by Sayeed Abubakar centers on the idea of the stupidity and vices of humanity. The poem itself gives a revolutionary call, and the poet conveys his message by using politics and the psychological behavior of humans. His strong use of words draws out the reader’s emotions, and allows them to comprehend the dark theme of the overall poem. Each stanza also contains a variety of different sub-topics, which can vary from historical events to the overall behavior of humans, seen as a society. The emotion plays as a trigger that helps the reader comprehend the poem clearly. Many elements are building blocks to his poems. Therefore, the major elements Abubakar implements into his work affect how the readers comprehend the theme because his strong use of diction, the various uses of figure of speeches, and the clear imagery presented throughout the poem.

The selection of words used within “Poem of Hatred,” expresses the main point of the poem. The most commonly used word in the whole poem is “fear”. The use of “fear” is a word commonly associated with the tone of hatred and dark themes. Multiple words also harbor the idea of fear, as seen through the line, “Which way a mad dog detests water for its hydrophobia” (Abubakar 1). The word “hydrophobia” itself, literally means the “fear of water”. Rather than using the word “thirst”, the poet implies the dog has a serious and ironic disability, while the word “thirst” could simply imply the dog has a minor craving for fluids. Readers can feel the mood of the poem, given the various deep, melancholy words. Abubakar also includes many irreversible and incurable diseases humans face to darken the mood as a whole. “But tell me, o ass men. Which cancer makes men such boneless like earth-worms? Being affected by tuberculosis” (Abubakar 5). Diseases such as cancer,...
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