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Prop Box

In a group (in pairs for outstation students), prepare a play prop box to be placed in the dramatic play corner to spark children’s imagination and creativity.

Write an essay of about 2000 words explaining
a) why you have chosen the materials to be included in the prop box b) what children can do with them
c) how children can benefit from them

Do a 10 minutes presentation in class on how to use the prop box.

Below are some helpful guidelines when you prepare your prop box.

• Prop boxes enable children to act out what they know, cement their concepts, practice skills in a meaningful context, and learn with and from other children who also are engaged with the materials. • Choosing theme that students have had firsthand experience with selecting materials that are relevant and suitable. • Meaningful socio-dramatic play requires at least a 30-minutes uninterrupted block of time • The props are inclusive of both genders and culturally sensitive. • Relevancy of theme- children can consolidate understandings and learn new concepts and skills. • Include ample of “real” materials- Contains real materials rather than toys, whenever possible. • The props help children to develop career awareness.

Your writing should be professional in its presentation. It should: a. conform to word limitations
b. use 1.5 or double line spacing
c. use Times New Roman 12 point font
d. use referencing that follow APA style
Allocation of Marks
| |Level 4: Outstanding |Level 3: |Level 2 : |Level 1: | | | |Good |Minimal Satisfactory |Unsatisfactory | |Relevant of Theme |Directly relevant to |Relevant to children 3-8;|Relevant to some |Lacks relevancy; will provide few | | |children ages 3-8; one |provides some |children, but outside |opportunities to consolidate | | |through which they can |opportunities to |many children’s realms|understandings or learn new concepts. | | |consolidate |consolidate |of experiences. | | | |understandings and learn |understandings and learn | | | | |new concepts and skills |new concepts and skills. | | | |Variety of Materials |Materials are real and |Most materials are real |Materials include |Materials are mainly abstract. Choice | | |/or concrete, and |and/or concrete. Several |real/concrete and |of materials is minimal. | | |represent various aspects|aspects of the theme are |abstract items. | | | |of the theme. Children |represented. Selections |Selection of | | | |can select among many |among materials are |activities is limited | | | |options. Most materials |limited. Most materials |by lack of variety in | | | |are macrosymbolic. |are macrosymbolic. |materials. | | |Open-endedness |Children can use |Most of the materials can|Materials limit the |Materials are designed to be used in | |...
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