Essay of Comparison - Watership Down Characters

Topics: Legend, Legends, Short story Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Hazel and El-ahrairah

Watership Down is an epic novel filled with adventure. Though the main characters are rabbits, the author depicts them in a very individual way that highlights their personalities while still keeping the novel believable. Two rabbits that have and especially big impact on the story are Hazel and El-ahrairah. Though Hazel is a runaway rabbit and El-ahrairah is a legend of power, both have many similarities which make them so significant in the story.

Through the legendary stories told by the rabbits, it’s not hard to tell that El-ahrairah was a great leader. He protected his people with great authority and was not afraid to fight for the sake of their safety. Hazel also shares this same quality as we see from the very beginning of the story. He took the leadership of gathering up the rabbits and escaping the warren before it was destroyed, leading them with confidence from that moment onward. They both had the ability of making decisions quickly yet with sound judgment, trusting in both their own judgment and the judgment of others.

Both rabbits are also very cunning and not afraid to take risks. El-ahrairah is known for his many adventures of outsmarting, escaping, and defeating others no matter how impossible the situation seemed. He would constantly take risks for others but would also takes risks for his own pleasure, showing his confidence in himself. Though Hazel tried to limit his own risks, he was full of courage and carried out plans that many of the rabbits thought risky. He was very cunning and would think of ideas to bring them out of their predicaments, such as setting a dog loose on their enemies or befriending a large bird that would help him in times of need. Both rabbits were willing to give their lives for their people, and in return saved them from destruction.

Because of this, both Hazel and El-ahrairah have become legends amongst the rabbits. El-ahrairah has been a legend since the beginning of time, while...
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