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Essay of Bend It Like Beckham

By SantiagoCorrea1 Apr 14, 2013 485 Words
At the end the dreams are what matter

In the movie Bend It Like Beckam, the audience can identify a problem between cultural factors and the dreams and skills about Jess, teenagers full of expectations and skills in soccer. The only thing that she wants to do is show everybody what she is able to do, but her parents do not agree at all. She is fighting for her parents Jess’s family is from India, a very traditional country in which the woman are expected to home activities, but Jess is not agree with that, she is living in America and she wants to be as free and follow her dreams, but as most things in life, you have to fight for it, and her parents want her to be a “proper woman” following the stereotype of women in India. The only thing that she expects from her parents is that they understand her and find a balance between her dreams and culture.ttempts that jess has to do to deceive her parentsmpts that jess has to do to cheat player, but her parents want her to be how

Jess is an awesome soccer player, and she has the skills to be a professional soccer player, but her parents want her to be how girls are supposed to be in Indian culture, it doesn’t matter if she has to leave what she likes to do. While the movie keeps going on, it’s notoriously the attempts that jess has to do to deceive her parents, getting each time harder and harder avoid them.

Her father is more permissive with her because he had kind of the same experience, he was very good playing cricket but he had to leave it for cultural things, but her mother is very strict about it, she wants her daughters to be like the standard woman in their culture, and in many times she do whatever is necessarily to convert her on a “proper woman”.

But the audience can identify how is jess is breaking off her cultural stereotypes, evidence of it, how she doesn’t feel shied and accomplished for her scar or show her legs, she didn’t care about that because the only thing that she want is show what she is able to do and prove her parents that there is nothing bad with the soccer and let her follow her dreams.

After trying and proving her parents that what she wants matter to, Jess finally gets the approval of her parents and gets and scholarship to go to the US. The audience can learn about this that the traditions of some cultures are important, but it is more important doesn’t close the chances of a person to follow his goals and dreams, because at the end her choices were more important that her traditions, and at the end that is what make her progress in the life.

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