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Topics: Nanotechnology, Regenerative medicine, Organ transplant Pages: 4 (674 words) Published: April 13, 2015

Student: Ramina Ashirova
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Topic: Medical Nanotechnology
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For millions of people around the world improved of medicine is a top priority means to a better quality of life. Over the last fifteen years tissue engineering has advanced and offering the potential to generate nearly all tissues and organs of human body. Nanomedicine first has taken the start in 1995 and was called liposomal doxorubicin. It was first used as a treatment for a cancer. Doxorubicin often has been associated such as cancer drug since 1960 but today it's called nanomedicine. Nowadays there are various types in nanomedicine such as drug delivery systems, biochip`s, tissue engineering, artificial skin for burn patients, tissue engineered trachea and blood vessels, etc. This essay will describe tissue engineering in nanomedical technology. With the development of advanced technologies especially in the field of micro- and nanotechnology, tissue engineering now more and more overlapping with nanomedicine, as they share the most commonly used applications. General description of the method for tissue engineering include implantation of isolated cells, tissues including biologic and cell products into the body, with or without the use of synthetic 3D structures generally referred to as the matrix. Nanotechnology is used to create the nanofibers, nano patterns to simulate the native tissue as biomaterials. There are many methods and techniques that are used in engineering such as  Electrospinning,  Soft lithography, Photolithography,  Microcontact printing. The most interesting technique is to create a...

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