This essay is about my visit to Walters Museum and a description of the pieces Ankhen-sekmet Entertained by a Harpist (Egyptian Civ.) and Relief with Winged Genius (Assyrian Civ.)

Topics: Sculpture, Ancient Egypt, Assyria Pages: 4 (1477 words) Published: October 21, 2003

Going to the museum is one of my favorite things to do. I just acquired this hobby last year, when I took my first art class. Since then, I have been to many museums in Baltimore, New York and the DC area, however, the Walters Museum is by far my favorite. I looked forward to going again, and reacquainting myself with my favorite art pieces, as well as doing the assignment.

However, the blissfulness I expected from this encounter turned out not to be, as the Eternal Egypt collection from the British Museum was in town, and the museum was crowded with people. After paying the required fees, I headed to the first gallery which had small statues unearthed from ancient Egypt. I really wanted to find similar objects to what we had studied in class so I would have a sound basis of comparison to work with however nothing in the first few galleries caught my eye. There was a sculpture titled 'Unknown Man', that reminded me of the Kore found in Ancient Greece. However, there was not sufficient information to write about it, so I moved on.

The third gallery had a Book of the Dead, divided into three chapters. There was a large crowd around this exhibit, so once again I moved on. The next gallery I came to dismayed me also. No large sculptures caught my eye, and it seemed that I was doomed to fail this project. In frantic distress, I stopped by every single piece, willing some feeling or some logic to take hold of me and compel me to write about it. However, I came up with nothing, everything seemed tedious and normal, and there was nothing unique and special.

I reached the end of the collection, and there was nothing....nothing in the British Museum collection that I thought was worth writing about. In utter abjection, I meandered on through the museum, and I found myself on the second floor. Having been to the Walters several times, I had seen their collection of Egyptian works, but something bid me stay. So I followed the feeling, and finally...
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