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Name: Kelly-Anne Tough

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Essay Question: The building of rapport is often considered one of the most

important aspects of a Hypnotherapists work, discuss.

With this essay, I aim to explore the importance of building a rapport with your client

as a Hypnotherapist. To do this, I will look at what rapport actually is and how a

therapist can achieve this through the initial consultation and through notation.

Rapport can be defined as a close and harmonious relationship in which the people

or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate

well. (Oxford Dictionaries) In our case, between the client and the therapist.

Rapport, trust and certainty in the skills of the therapist begin before the client ever

arrives at the office. (The New Hypnotherapy Handbook by Kevin Hogan, P64) This

can be based on the client’s knowledge of hypnotherapy, opinions of others or by

word of mouth from other clients. The client will also make a first impression of you

the first time that they encounter you and if this is over the telephone when they book

then you must appear to be courteous and professional. First impressions last so

first contact with the client count. When a client first appears at your clinic, they may

be anxious and apprehensive. They may be unsure of what to expect. They will

also make assumptions of you based on how you look, your body language and your

speech pattern. (Chrysalis Year 1 Module 3 Notes P2) It is during the initial

consultation that the therapist can begin to build a rapport with the client and address

these anxieties and assumptions.

When the client walks into your office for the initial consultation, the first thing that

they will see is you. They will be looking at what you are wearing, your body

language, look on your face etc. and making an assumption about you before you

have even said a word. As a therapist, you should wear something that is not too

formal. You want to appear friendly, not business like. At the same time, you want

to look professional therefore should be smartly dressed. You should greet the client

with a confident handshake and then show them to where you would like them to sit.

You want to appear confident so that it creates an impression to the client that you

know what you are doing. It is also important to maintain eye contact with the client

as it shows that you are focused and paying attention. (Chrysalis Year 1 Module 3

Notes P2)

You too will start to create an impression of your client in these opening moments.

This will help you determine how to react towards them. Every client is different with

different personalities and it is up to us as therapists to assess this and change our

behaviour to suit the client in order to build up rapport with them. For example, if

the client is quiet and reserved, they will not respond well to someone who is loud

and all smiles. Once we have assessed each client through their behaviours and

speech patterns, we can use this is to decide which screeds would work best with

each client. For example a client who is direct and logical will require a screed that

is direct and logical therefore authoritarian style screeds would suit them better. A

client who is imaginative and colourful would much more suit a permissive style

screed. This also goes for modalities. We can pick up from eye movements and

language cues in the initial consultation and determine what modality would best suit

our client. For example, a client who looks down to the right a lot and uses language

such as feel, move, touch etc. are much more...
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