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Topics: Great Expectations, Macbeth, Miss Havisham Pages: 2 (913 words) Published: April 23, 2014
English Literature GCSE- Controlled Assessment
Explore the ways Shakespeare and Dickens present Lady Macbeth and Miss Havisham as disturbed characters Shakespeare and Dickens both show disturbed characters in their play or novel. Shakespeare wrote Macbeth in1606, this gives us better idea of the time were they thought that witches were real and Shakespeare wrote this play because he wanted to impress the king. On the other hand Dickens didn’t want to impress anyone by writing a novel based on someone else. In Great Expectations Dickens introduces Pip as a weeping boy who is grieving over his dead family in the churchyard, immediately we can see that something is wrong and this is not normal behaviour for a child. Pip is all alone and terrified; the reader senses that something disturbing is about to happen. In the Victorian times many people believed in ghosts and the supernatural, therefore they would have expected disturbing events such as this. However, Pip is not met with ghosts nut instead faces a convict Magwitch. Magwitch is described as “A fearful man, all in coarse grey, with an iron on his leg.” Dickens conveys to the reader through the word “fearful” and furthermore in using the colours “grey and iron” this suggest that somebody is made of metal and is washed out of colour. An “iron” on his leg represents that he has escaped from prison and he is danger towards people. But in Great Expectations he might be disturbed but Magwitch is good hearted, Dickens shows this by making out that he is decent enough to take the blame for Pip’s theft, although Pip was terrified to meet his at first he comes to love Magwitch a good and noble man. In Macbeth, William Shakespeare describes Macbeth by a brave and noble soldier, ready to die for his king, Duncan. However when Macbeth was introduced to the three witches, they had a powerful effect on him. When he realised that what they say had become true, especially when he learns that when the three witches had...
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