Essay Jane Eyre

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Jane Eyre

In chapter 12 Bronte uses pathetic fallacy to show how bored she is. An example of this is how she describes the fields around her as having a ‘dim sky-line’. This tells the reader how she is clearly finding life uninteresting and is in search for something which is out of her reach. Bronte uses colours such as grey which are plain and boring, even when she describes the sun she adds the word ‘plain’ which gives us the idea that nothing seems to grab Janes attention and interest. This is pathetic fallacy as the dim surrounding can also be seen as her mood. A way in which Bronte has shown how her mood changes with the weather is when she has excitement in her life and meets Mr Rochester as things around her become more exciting like the ‘ripplings and whisperings’ around her. The atmosphere changes to a ‘sunny horizon’ showing that there is hope yet to come for something more stimulating to entre her life. Jane’s aspirations are shown at the beginning of chapter 12 because she is always looking for something that she can’t have. An example of this is when she says she ‘longed for a power of vision which might overpass that limit which might reach the busy world… than was here within my reach’. This shows us that no matter what she dreams of, it all seems to hard for her to make it happen.

Bronte sets the scene for something to happen by changing the way Jane describes the surroundings. Before the setting was dim and boring however she now uses words such as ‘brightening’ and ‘rising moon’ that makes the setting seem different and more mesmerizing than it was before, showing she is looking forward to what is to come. She also uses less punctuation in the text which helps the reader to become more intrigued and fascinated as it is a lot faster when more things are happening. An example of this is ‘The dog came bounding back, and seeing his master in a predicament, and hearing the horse groan, barked till the evening hills echoed the sound, which...
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