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Topics: Nuclear power, Fossil fuel, World energy resources and consumption Pages: 6 (2127 words) Published: May 5, 2014
Introduction of Energy Crisis in Pakistan:-
he is always ready to learn and train his subordinates. He Knows his duties and responsibilities. Energy resources are the backbone of social economic development of any country. It is essential for the production and making of goods and other things like cotton sheets which contributes a lot of revenue in the budget of Pakistan. Energy is essential for running machinery in industrial facilities, industrial devices, lightening the cities and running the system of transport.

Now a day there has been a massive improvement in the energy demand because of industrial development, increase in population, an increase in the manufacturing of households and enhancement of living standards. Therefore the demand of power is rapidly growing in the form of electricity, diesel, petrol and coal. As we know the Pakistan’s energy issues are rising because the production of energy is insufficient to meet the growing energy demands of Pakistan, which causes power crisis or an energy crisis in Pakistan. Pin It

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Overview of Pakistan's electricity:-
Pakistan’s electricity generation facilities are not precisely working well, they even thought to be underdeveloped and inadequately maintained. The regions of Pakistan could be going to face the critical energy problems, because of the weakening economy and rising of the rapidly increasing electricity demand in the course of the prior 10 years. Additionally we cannot see any considerable efforts to meet the demands of these energy problems. In addition, transmitting failures due to outdated facilities, electricity theft and seasonal shortage of hydropower makes the situation even worse. Therefore, as a result of strength shut down the load-shedding which is becoming a very popular phenomena is increasing rapidly, contrary to load-shedding the prices of electricity also increasing rapidly. Resources of Electricity Production in Pakistan:-

In Pakistan electricity is produced by using two types of resources: 1. Non Renewable resources. (Limited and Expensive)
2. Renewable Resources. (Unlimited and cheap)
Usage of Oil in Pakistan:-
In 2009-10, use of oil was 29% for the production of energy. Most of the crude oil has been imported to satisfy the energy demand. Oil is utilized in the fields of electrical power, marketplace, agriculture and household supports. Oil can be utilized in technology of power generation, which is generating 64 % of power, 34% energy has been generated from Hydro power. According to the analysts the amount of crude oil currently found in regions of Pakistan is equal to 303. 63 zillion barrels and we have been taking out roughly around twenty-four zillion crude oil every year.

Usage of Natural gas in Pakistan:-
In Pakistan the manufacturing of natural gas could be around 4, 048.76 zillion cubic feet daily, against the need of 3, 986.53 zillion. Natural gas is used in industries and commercially to generate buyer goods, to make concrete floor, for the Production of fertilizers and for the productions of Pakistan’s electricity. It is also used as a CNG (Compressed Natural gas), which is utilized in transport system. The usage of gas in power generation is 43.7%. LPG gas contributes around 0.7% in energy consumption in Pakistan. The study of the comparison of rates between Electricity, oil and gas shows us the reason of growing gas demand. World-wide gas is counted among the very expensive resources but in Pakistan gas is the cheapest energy resource used in households, transportation and industry. Due to the less cost of a gas the vehicles are rapidly converting from petrol to gas rapidly which is responsible for the increase of gas demand in Pakistan. Uses of Coal in Pakistan:-

Pakistan’s fossil fuel supplies predicted to be more than 185 million tonnes of coal is present on the lands of Pakistan. Additionally 175 million tonnes of coal are identified in the Thor coal-fields. Coal...
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