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Topics: United States, Los Angeles County, California, Santa Monica, California Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: January 15, 2012
My name is Ahmet Burak Yasa from the country of Turkey. I have attended Suleyman Demirel University and graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Mechanical Engineering on July 3rd 2009. Before graduating, I manage to attend an internship in a manufacturing company that specializes in the auto industry of my field. Throughout my experience in this company, I saw that my English wasn’t good enough to communicate with other business people who visited our company when they ask a question about our product and I couldn’t explain to them better. Therefore, I decided to come to America to study English professionally because I learn from experience that English language is the common point everywhere I go. It is use to communicate to everyone especially in my career. If I learn to speak fluently, I can communicate better with the people in the industry of mechanical engineering and together with other nationality. Coming to America for the first time in my life, I was enrolled in the EF International Language School. I have enjoyed the school but it’s not like academic program where I can actually study more seriously compare to EF International School. So I visited few colleges in Los Angeles area and I found out about El Camino College and I asked few students who study in the campus about the English program. And I was told that Santa Monica College has a great learning for English program in Los Angeles. Then I visited Santa Monica campus and I saw the difference. I like the atmosphere of the campus and it’s very close to the beach. There are also many different nationalities that I saw who attended Santa Monica College and they all say that it has good credibility to transfer to a University. Once I finish learning professional English, I also would like to do Business Administration so I can expand my parent’s family business globally. Therefore, I would like to apply for your college to fulfill my dreams. If I will be given a chance to attend your...
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