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I am incredibly honored to be one of the exceptional students who received an application for the National Honor Society. This organization does fantastic things within our community, and I believe I can contribute to the impact that has been made over the years. I have been looking forward to this opportunity since I learned of the organization in middle school. I think that I qualify for this recognition because I have worked exceedingly hard to get to this point. The National Honor Society considers students with distinguished grades and unique qualities, I believe that I possess both important aspects.
During my two full years at Brandeis High School I have accumulated a GPA of 96.2, a figure I have worked extremely hard to achieve. Additionally,...

Being a Girl Scout, I have had countless opportunities to give back and improve the community, there is no possible way to describe all the service contributions I have participated in. On that same note, I have received the Girl Scout Bronze and Silver Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout Cadette can achieve. I am proud of these awards, I spent lots of time and effort working towards them and I learned many things while doing it.
This is a difficult part to the prompt for me to answer because I feel as though I am simply bragging about myself, but some skills I possess that make me a a good candidate for NHS include: organization, honesty, integrity, and respect. I strive every day to be a model student, and to get the most out of my education so that I will go far in life. I work hard to meet deadlines and to put quality into my assignments. I will continue to make every effort possible to be the best I can be and uphold exceptional characteristics.
Being apart of the National Honor Society is extremely important to me and if accepted, I will do all that is necessary to uphold the four pillars, attend and participate in all meetings, promote service, adhere to deadlines, be a role model, and assume a leadership...
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