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In this busy world, many people prefer to labor only for a limited time in a year. This type of working style is welcomed by myriad people, as it has many advantages. The first thing which has to be admitted that working helps people mature more by gaining experience during the work time. Children are more innocent than adult but learn faster. Through mistakes, children understand why things are going wrong and quickly know how not to make it happen again. In addition, paid work bring children money which may help them spend on something they desire for. More than that, what children earn for their work is not only money but also good attitude with that children can show more appreciation of value of labour. For example, thanks to their respect of money, children will save more instead of wasting on unnecessary things. This would be useful lifestyle for children when they grow up

To begin with the advantages, when people work for a short duration and engage in their interested activities for the rest of the time, it helps them to alleviate their stress level. For instance, those who work in coal mine or ship usually takes long break from their job. It actually rejuvenate their mind and make them fit for the next session of their duty.

In addition, this trend helps the employees to spend more time with the family. It improves the family bonding and thereby contributes to the wellbeing of the whole family. For example, working parents can spend much time on looking after their children, which in-turn helps them to mould their children in a socially acceptable manner.

On the other hand, this can affect the economical stability of the family. In other words, the money earned by working for a short period of time, people are unable to meet the needs for the entire year. Moreover, this working style can also affect the economy of the country due to the reduction in the per capita income of its citizen.

From the above discussions, it is clear that working...
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