Essay about an experience that is very memorable: using all 5 senses to describe the event.

Topics: English-language films, Glass, Glasses Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: October 26, 2005
My most memorable day started out with my brother and me visiting my grandmother by bicycle for lunch on a Saturday. We rode our bikes without incident to her house but on the return trip, my brother's bike broke. I got off my bike and walked it with him until we got to a long steep hill that led to the railroad tracks we needed to cross. Before the railroad tracks there was a small dirt jump built by some kids a few weeks back. I left my brother and rode down the hill to pick up speed to go off the jump. As I reached the bottom of the hill, I could feel the wind ripping at my face so I looked down at my bike computer and saw that I was going 30mph. Tried to slow down but with no success due to the loose gravel this made me go off the jump slightly turned to the right.

I flew off the jump got about 15 feet of air and landed on the other side of the railroad tracks. When I landed however my front tire hit a large rock and sent me and the bike into cartwheels. As I was tumbling in the air, I could hear my bike crashing and smashing against the rocks, just as I noticed my bike my head landed directly on top of another large rock and I heard a snap. My back felt like it was on fire from being twisted like a pretzel. My nose I could feel was swollen to about twice its normal size. As I reached up to feel my nose, I felt that my entire face was covered with blood. I reached up to wipe my eyes so that I could see what had happened and my hands felt more blood. I thought that I was nauseated by the fact that there was so much blood but it was due to the blood pouring into my mouth from my twisted and probably broken nose. I tried to stand up but immediately fell back down in pain and began to scream for help.

I could hear footsteps in the gravel as I lay down in a puddle of blood. The man tried to hand me my glasses but there was nothing left of them but a few shards of glass and a twisted piece of metal that vaguely resembled a pair of glasses. My brother arrived...
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