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Topics: Miles per hour, Police, Autobahn Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: April 28, 2014

1. c: There have been multiple debates over whether speed limits are a positive or negative thing for drivers. Some people have stated that speed limits are a good thing in that they help to regulate how fast someone is able to drive, and help to improve the safety of those driving. There are also those that state that by putting a limit on how fast you’re able to drive, it in turn takes away your freedom to enjoy the open road. Even though these are both very valid points, having a speed limit helps in two ways, it gives a sense of security, and also allows for more control over our roadways.

The best way to put into context that speed limits give a sense of security is that you can’t expect it to be safe to allow someone to drive 85-95 mph or more in a school zone. This is something that people would not expect but then again without speed limits showing what we are supposed to do that could in turn happen. Speed limits are a way to warn drivers about how fast they should drive on certain roads in order to be able to make their trip safely. By doing this, they are giving drivers a sense of security knowing that those around them have a set speed they need to stay at in order to not have any incidents with the law.

The other argument that can be made is that by the government instituting speed limits, it does allow local and state police officers more control over our local roadways. Without these, people would be more at risk for collisions that could cause bodily harm to themselves or others. This is the main point as to why police, and the government are to enforce those speed limits in order to maintain things like collisions from happening and to keep the community safe. So if you look at it from both sides, you will see that by having speed limits in your area, it not only gives you the driver the piece of mind and security knowing you have those limitations, but it also allows our government to have more control over our roadways....
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