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Public Speaking
Essay Exam 1

Hello Mr. Trump, I hear that next week you will be sharing your own favorite hobbies with business students in Queens, New York, so I am going to help you construct your speech. Anyone can deliver an interesting informative speech, for example, President Barack Obama is known for giving informative speeches to the United States. Let me explain exactly what an informative speech is; it is a speech that intends to educate the audience on a particular topic. This type of speech focuses on using description, demonstration, and visuals to explain a subject, a person, or in this case your own hobbies. An informative speech is not the same thing as a persuasive speech. Although the two can merge together, an informative speech relies more on communicating pure information to the audience.

The invention of a speech is very important. Being organized is an absolute must when delivering a speech. If the speaker is unorganized and unprepared, it can definitely affect the presentation towards the group. Start off by constructing an outline for your speech. To start off, write down your favorite hobbies and narrow them down to a few. Make note to include the importance of hobbies in your speech. The three hobbies that I selected were shopping, baking with my grandmother, and reading novels. Time, style, and delivery are very important. The most important skill in speaking is storytelling. The arrangement of your draft should follow your outline. When drafting, consider the audience which you are presenting information to. Think about what your audience wants to know and need to know about the hobbies that you chose. One of the goals of effective small group communication is to make a visible effort to include every group member in your audience. Make sure to provide examples and real situations for each hobby discussed. Having listener and cultural awareness is important in the communicating process, giving a speech is basically having a...
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