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Topics: Guilt, Macbeth, Thought Pages: 4 (1532 words) Published: March 3, 2014

Juan Manuel De los Rios
June 6, 2013
English 11
Decisions gone badly.
Ambition is a word that I believe can relate to anyone at some point of his or her life. The dictionary defines it, as “a strong desire to do or achieve something” ( which I think doesn’t show any negative connotation or actions. However, it is ambition what has lead many people in history and throughout time to commit acts that are considered immoral or unethical with the only objective to achieve what the person desires. In literature, there are also millions of examples where ambition is present and where the characters have to suffer the consequences of their actions. These outcomes are also part of what happens when ambition takes the lead and makes people do things the wrong way, and the worst consequence of all is: personal guilt. In Macbeth, for example, ambition and guilt are present throughout the whole story, and the reader can see the process in which each feeling starts developing and how the characters end up acting till the moment when they die. However, I think ambition alone is not the only thing that makes you act the wrong way. There are other circumstances that can make you take the wrong choice. Influence is one of them, because when people have bad influences beside them they can make them do things they would have never imagined they were capable of. Personally, I have also been in this situation where ambition and bad influences have gotten the best of me and has made me do things I shouldn’t have done, feeling guilty afterwards.

In the first place, it is important to take a look on how the events on Macbeth developed, and how he became more and more anxious to become the king of Scotland. There was a very strong influence on him that made him desire to be a king, and this was his wife. Throughout the whole story, even though she is the woman, she is shown as a strong and determined person, who is the one pushing and giving courage to Macbeth...
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