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Topics: Political correctness, British Asian, Laughter Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Opinion column in the glamour magazine – Stereotypical jokes on intelligence – For years and years I’ve been subjected to blonde jokes. You hear blonde jokes at elementary schools, you hear them around the water cooler at work and you hear them on morning drive-time radio. Ever heard of this one before? “Q. How do you get a blonde to laugh at a joke on Saturday? A. Tell it to her on Tuesday.” Are those jokes about blondes or intelligence of a certain ethnical group really considered as funny? Are they politically correct? One could tell a joke about intelligence of almost every ethnical group or attribute of someone, does this mean that these jokes are political correct now, because everyone is affected by it? A random person tells a joke about my intelligence assuming that I am stupid just because I am blonde. I don’t care about the blonde jokes, simply because the ones who tell the joke know exactly that it is not true. If people start to believe and take it personally, it could cause a lot of problems. I am aware that I am not stupid, why would I be successful in my work then? Last week I walk into the office, everything as usual; my coffe and work awaiting on my desk, the employees getting ready to work. I get introduced to a new employee. A young tall man, seems confident, blue eyes, brown hair and dressed in a suite. Let’s say: Good looking. We talk, we laugh, I spill my coffee. He laughs and immediately has a blonde joke ready. Does he never spill his coffee? I could assume he’s a dumbass, just because he has the stereotyp of a good looking arrogant man. Certainly he didn’t mean to offend me, because we both know that blonde jokes are not true. Where is the context between blonde and dullness? The answer I believe is jealousy. Blondes are also seen as men-attracter, no matter if it is true or not. “Men prefer blonde women”, therefore other hair colored women are in the shadow of the blondes. Smells of jealousy! The men are not getting blamed for...
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