Essay - Ending with "If Only I Had Been More Careful, That Wouldn't Have Happened"

Topics: Sleep, Laughter, Fear Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: July 30, 2011
The alarm clock rang, but it need not have, for I was already awake. I had not slept a wink all night for fear of what I would be facing today. I lay on my bed, watching the sunrise through my window. The merry chirping of the birds which usually make me smile and whistle in response did not have that effect on me today. The sudden burst of sunlight which cast shadows on the ground saw me dragging myself unwillingly out of bed.

Having showered and breakfasted, I proceeded to smoothen out my crumpled uniform using the hot iron before heading out the front door which I made sure to lock before I left as I am currently its only occupant. The thought that I would be receiving my results alone today was anything but comforting. The walk to school that morning was the longest one I had ever endured. The sight of the schoolbuilding made my heart pound more fiercely, if that was possible. I quickly made my way to the school hall, scanned the crowd for my friends, and hurriedly made my way towards them, having spotted them sitting near the stage. My weak greeting was met with an equally weak acknowledgement on their part. Looking around the hall, I saw my peers, each dealing with their nerves in their own way. There were those who rocked back and forth on their chairs, there were those who sat, chewing on their fingernails and there were those who in attempt to put their fears out of their mind, made small talk with each other. A sudden slamming of the door startled me and brought all our attention to the rear of the hall where we saw our headmaster, with a stack of envelopes in his right hand. The nervous laughter of some died down with every step he took towards the stage until presently, all that could be heard was the steady sound of his footsteps on the shiny marble floor. The silence that enveloped us was so dense that I could have drowned in it. When he brought the microphone to his lips, I shut my eyes and held my breath, hoping, praying for the...
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