Essay # "Division of Society"

Topics: Social class, Sociology, Utopia Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: June 19, 2013
In “The Republic” Plato puts forth his thesis on the Ideal State. It is presented as a fictional story with his main character Socrates, expounding Plato’s own philosophy. Plato’s perfect society would consist of three separate and distinct classes. A society divided. The three classes would consist of Guardians, Auxiliaries and Producers. Initially, each citizen would be designated to a specific class based upon their individual traits such as strengths, weaknesses, intelligence and courage. The Guardians would be the upper echelon. This level would be for brightest and most learned. They would be the leaders/rulers and decision makers. Wisdom would be a required trait and core value. The people in the middle tier would be the Auxiliaries, whose role would be to serve as the protectors. They would be the soldiers and police. Courage would be their defining characteristic. The lowest level of society would consist of the Producers. They were the workers, farmers, tradesmen and laborers, etc. This class was to support and be obedient to the upper classes. They were considered to be unintelligent and disorganized. Their status required them to have moderated desires as they would never be able to “move up” into the other classes. If such desires were expressed, they were to be told a “necessary falsehood” to placate them. They would be told that each person possesses defining traits that fit them to specific a role, for the betterment of the entire community. All three levels were to be perpetuated, due to the fact that individuals would be born in to their respective classes, and movement between classes was prohibited. This Utopia has few similarities with our society. It could be said that we, (Americans) also have three classes, (rich, middle class and poor). However, every American has the right and opportunity to be whatever they choose. Granted, it is harder for some than others, but it is possible. It is my opinion that Plato’s republic would not be an...
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