Essay Debriefing Form

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Essay/Paper Debriefing Form
Course ____________________________________________________________________ Essay/Paper __________________________________________________________________ Due Date _________________________________________________________________ Grade _____________________________________________________________________ Part 01: Preparation Techniques

Which of the following strategies were used to prepare your essay/paper? In-class Prewriting ______
Out-of-class Prewriting ______
If you completed any prewriting, what type of prewriting?
Web/Cluster/Idea Map____________
If you completed research for the essay or paper, describe your research process here. Did you go to the library? YesIf so, when?________No
Did you ask a librarian for help?YesIf so, who? _________No Did you conduct interviews? YesNo
Did you mostly research on your own on the Internet?YesNo Editing_____
If you edited your essay or paper before submitting it, what did you primarily try to fix? Word Choice______
Punctuation_______ What type of punctuation? ______________________________ Spelling_______
Other Mechanical Issues (capitalization
If you revised before submitting your essay/paper, what did aspects of the writing did you revise? Sentence construction_________
Source usage______
Did you consult with other people while writing your essay/paper?YesNo If yes, with whom?
Tutors______ When? _______________
Teacher_______ When? ______________
Classmates______ When?_____________
Other_______ Who?_______________
Which of the strategies helped the most?...
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