Essay Comparison Extremely Loud and Sorrow of War

Topics: Vietnam War, Vietnam, Near death experience Pages: 4 (1549 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Mrs. B. Struik

How do two or more literary works you have studied this year demonstrate or suggest the long-lasting effects of war? In what ways do these works seem to agree or disagree on the long-term impact of war on society and/or on individuals?

War happens, or has happened in every country, it can be against other countries, within one country, or one country supporting another. An awful number of people die in wars or in terroristic attacks. For example, the attack on the World Trade Centre in the United States on 9 September 2001. 2996 people died as a result of this terroristic attack. In 2005, Jonathan Safran Foer wrote a novel about this horrendous event, called Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Another event is the Vietnam War, which began 1955 and lasted for 20 years, and involved a lot of nations. The main ones were the United States and Vietnam, and the war was fought in Vietnam. More than 58 thousand people died. During the Vietnam War, Bảo Ninh served in the Glorious 27th Youth Brigade. 500 men went to war in that brigade in 1969, he is one of only ten survivors. In 1991, Bảo Ninh wrote a novel The Sorrow of War, based on his experiences in the war. Although these books were written 14 year apart and in different countries, they have a common theme; living with the long-lasting effects of war.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is about a nine year old boy, Oskar Schell, who lost his father, Thomas Schell, in the terroristic attack on 11 September 2001. The book starts with the ‘funeral’ of Thomas Schell, but there is no body in the coffin, because it has never been found. Oskar thinks this is stupid. When Oskar arrives back home after the funeral, he is looking through his father’s belongings and he finds a key in an envelope, inside a vase, which he broke. On the envelope the word ‘Black’ is written in red ink. Oskar becomes curious and starts a search mission for the lock which fits the key, to find what...
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