Essay Comparing Lord Of The Flies And Toys Of Peace

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Both authors William Golding and saki introduces the world totally taken over by barbarity.Throughout the stories “The lord of the flies “and “The toys peace” reveal the unseen message of mankind's essential illness .The authors William Goulding and Saki foreshadowed in Lord of the flies and Toys of peace shows mankind's essential illness that savagery and cruelty is all hidden inside human and in just matter of glimpse how it can possess. In both stories lord of the flies and toys of peace demonstrates that how jack shows his inescapable evilness to conquer and create his own tribe, but not being united. Whereas Eric and Bertie find themselves disappointed because they don’t get ferocious fighting toys .

The novel ‘Lord of the Flies’ is written by William Golding shortly which is set in World World war II. The novel is about a group of Britian boys who are just stranded on an island during the war . The boys discover that the island is under conquer and seeing that, they attempted to create their own rules and laws to sort things out until the rescue arrives . However, as time passed by, things started getting out of control , because they...

Whereas Eric and Berti finds themselves disappointed because they don't get those ferocious fighting skills soldiers toys .Authors William Goulding and Saki accomplishes in illustrating how easily can evilness possess a human and make him do whatever it wants. Simon believes the "essential illness" is the dark side of humanity. He knew that in each of us is both the good and evil that men is up to us to decide which is side is right ,what we have to follow and what’s the outcome of it . Will we give into temptation or will we resist it in the name of goodness and righteousness based on what’s...
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