ESSAY Cause Effect Lying

Topics: Lie, Causality, Predicate Pages: 3 (552 words) Published: December 3, 2014

I. Introduction

A. Ask Yourself Some Questions

B. Possible Reasons for Lies

C. Are There Consequences?

II. Topic Sentence

A. What is a Lie?

B. Reasons Why People Lie

C. Is There Any Touble With It?

III. Topic Sentence

A. What are the advantages of Lying?

B. What are the disadvantages of Lying?

C. Lying to Impress

IV. Topic Sentence

A. Causes and Effects of Lying

B. Parents are Smarter!

C. What Do Most Young People Do?

V. Conclusion

Humberto Briceno
Prof. -----
ENC 0022 (67928)
3 November , 2014
Cause and Effect Essay


Are you able to recognize the very last time that you lied to someone? Or maybe even the last time that someone lied to you and you knew about it? Have you ever stopped and ask yourself why? There are so many different reasons that a person might lie. Maybe a lie about something to keep someone out of trouble for one time, or even a lie to impress other people. But either way there are always going to be serious consequences or effects of lying, long-term consequences…

A lie is an intentionally false statement to a person or group made by another person or group who knows it is not wholly the truth. Lies can be told for various reasons, and with various amounts of success. But many people lie everyday to, in someway or another, keep themselves out of trouble. Many teenagers will lie to their parents about what they are doing for the evening, how much of their homework they have done, or how that glass vase got broken while they were out of town. We even lie to our significant others about who that other boy was that called the house or what exactly we did with our...
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