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Why has bureaucracy been considered the most rational form of work organization; what critism can be made? Organizational structure provides a backbone upon which all of a company's operational policies and work processes are built. It lays out managerial reporting relationships and the flow of ideas, decisions and information of the company. There is no single organizational structure that is inherently better than another. Rather, each structure has unique advantages and disadvantages best suited for specific situations. Here, I would like to discuss on one of the most common organizational structures, Bureaucracy.

A bureaucracy is a form of organization based on logic, order, and the legitimate use of formal authority. Its features include a clear-cut division of labor, strict hierarchy of authority, formal rules and procedures, and promotion based on competency. Therefore, it is meant to be orderly, fair, and highly efficient. The bureaucrat structure can be vertical, meaning that it has many layers of management. In a bureaucratic organizational structure, authority is generally centered at the top, and information generally flows from the top down, from chief executive down to frontline employees. These are characteristics of bureaucratic structure. Now, there are many reasons why bureaucracy has been considered the most rational form of organization as follows:

Firstly, bureaucracy reduces favoritism. It allows the company to select employee by means of qualification, in order to reduce bias. Salary is given to organization members based on seniority and position. Moreover, the use of performance criteria to evaluate employee’s performance is an attempt of creating fairness in the organization. Secondly, it enhances employees’ commitment. Many people prefer working in bureaucracy-based company because they want to have the job security, especially during financial crisis and natural disaster; in which at the same time brings...

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