Essay Assignment: Family, Marriage and Poetry Techniques

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English 30 – Essay #2
DUE DATE: ________________________________
Please choose one of the options below and write an essay that is between 5 and 7 pages in length for your second essay project in English 30. This essay should follow MLA format. Please choose one of the options below. 1. Family has multiple different definitions and interpretations. Identify the characteristics of family that are identified within Hamlet and The Year of the Hare. Compare and contrast the treatment of the institution of “family” in both texts.

2. The portrayal of marriage is rather bitter in both the novel and major Shakespearean play studied in this course. Identify the characteristics of marriage that are presented in both The Year of the Hare and Hamlet. Compare and contrast how marriage is treated within each text.

3. A close reading is defined as the thorough study of a literary text with particular emphasis on the analysis of its literary elements (allusions, metaphors, sound effects, etc.). Complete a close reading of one of the following poems, ensuring that you paraphrase its content, the literary techniques used within it, and the effects these techniques have on the interpretation of the poem. a. “Daddy” by Sylvia Plath (attached)

b. “Hockey Players” by Al Purdy (attached)
Your essay will be graded according to the rubric on the back of this page. Please submit your rubric with your assignment for grading.


The thesis guides and controls all points and details in a highly effective manner All supporting points guide examples and demonstrate a clear connection

The thesis guides and controls all points and details
All supporting points guide examples

Thesis statement provides adequate control of most points and details Some supporting points guide examples
Thesis statement has little connection to the main points and supporting details Supporting points are unconnected

Supporting points are in an order appropriate to the thesis; paragraphs, points, and details are clearly connected and presented in an articulate manner

Most supporting points are in an order appropriate to the thesis. There is some connection between points and details
Clear understanding of elements

A general point is made yet information is not connected
Some understanding of topic

Supporting points are arranged incorrectly,
no connection between details
Minimal understanding of topic


Each supporting point is explained or illustrated by sufficient and specific detail and one relevant quotations from the text per body paragraph Does not include plot summaries

Most of the supporting points are explained or illustrated
one quotation provided
Some plot summary
Supporting points are not explained or illustrated
Quotations are used sparingly Plot summaries are included
Supporting points are not explained or illustrated by sufficient or specific detail Does not include quotes

Spelling, grammar, and punctuation

Sentences, spelling and punctuation are free of errors; readers will see your point without interference.

Errors are evident yet can still be understood

Errors cause confusion and ideas are unclear as a result

Numerous errors and inaccuracies


Adheres to MLA format without errors
1-3-1 paragraph format

Adheres to MLA formatting with several errors
Some paragraph formatting

Does not follow MLA formatting and contains numerous errors
Paragraph formatting is minimal

MLA formatting is not followed
Paragraph formatting is not followed
Not typed
Submission Criterion

Rubric submitted with essay for grading.
Rubric submitted for grading, but late (1 mark out of 2 marks) Rubric not submitted with essay for grading.


by Sylvia Plath

You do not do, you do not do
Any more,...
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